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Ary Kiselstein
Chief Technology Officer 

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Ary Kiselstein has over 45 years of experience in the engineering and management of defense, homeland security, and large scale government programs, both in the US and internationally. His areas of expertise include a wide range of technologies, system engineering, technical and program management as well as business development, operations and planning.

Ary Kiselstein has a BSc. and MSc. degrees in electrical engineering. His areas of specialization include  microwaves and RF technologies, electromagnetic waves propagation, electronic warfare and radar systems, communication systems, signal processing, electro-optics and unmanned systems. He is a Life Member of the IEEE, Life Member of the US Navy League and member of the US Naval Institute, the Association of Old Crows, the Surface Navy Association, and SPIE.

Through the years he worked for a long period of time for Elbit Systems Ltd. and its subsidiary Elbit Systems of America (EFW Inc.) in Fort Worth, TX with last function as Director Naval Systems. For a period of almost six years he worked for CMN Shipyards in Cherbourg, France (Director of Operations of the Systems Integration Division). Following his departure from Elbit he worked as an Independent Consultant for a number of US companies such as The Real Time Group (Dallas, TX), Adastral LLC (Dallas TX), Capital Defense Associates, Telephonics Corporation and others.

The programs executed under his management or with his significant participation included combat systems management and integration and defense programs for international navies; international coastal, harbor and border security; international and US unmanned systems; programs for the USMC (Counter- IED systems), the US Navy/ONR and NSWC, the US Air Force/AFRL, Voice of America Broadcasting, DHS/Customs and Border Patrol (MSS and IFT initial program, under Telephonics Co.) and others.

Ary Kiselstein is a naturalized US citizen. He and his wife live in Fort Worth TX.  


Please feel free to contact Shannon for any questions or inquires. 

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